This program is NOT for everyone. We are in search of high level athletes who are committed to the process of making it to the next level. College and Professional baseball is the goal. Players are expected to make all practices, tournaments, events, camps etc. of any kind. Once the athlete puts on one of our uniforms they are ours to coach. There will be no parental involvement on the field or in the decision-making process on practice, tournaments, positions etc. Players will not be allowed to pick up with other teams during the season. In the event that any player is invited to an individual event, or with another team to another event, it should be discussed with coaches to make sure that it does not interfere with Academy Select Baseball. We will not deny athletes better opportunities than what we can provide. Coaches, players, and parents alike will conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at any tournament, event or function that Academy Select Baseball is involved in.