Registration for our Fall Season and Development Program is now open.  If you have received an invite from the club or one of our coaches, please go to the link below and complete your player registration and payment agreement.  Below are a few FAQ’s that have and will come up:

We do realize every family situation is unique so if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to reach to either yours or any coach within your player’s age group. 

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing everyone on the field!

  • When will we start Practice?
    Our goal is to start by the week of September 21st and go 7 weeks, however with construction delays at JPII we will be moving our outdoor practices to another location for the first few weeks.  As soon as those times are confirmed we and your coaches will post your weekly practice schedules.
  1. How often will we practice and what will be included in the program
    Each team, 13U and under will practice 1 weeknight and 1 weekend day.   These will be at both our outdoor site for on field game defensive work, simulations, and live games as well as indoors at Centerfield Academy where we will do all of our hitting and bullpen work. 
  1. Who will be our Coach?
    Many returning players already know who they will be playing with in the Spring but through the Fall all players will be coached by all our coaches.  This is arguably the best part of our Fall program.  Since we coach the players as age groups, our top coaches are at and involved in every team’s practice this Fall. 
  2. Will we play Tournaments?
    Within our program, 13U and below, we do not play tournaments as a club in the Fall.  Our focus is solely on the development of our players.  That said if a group or team wants to play in a tournament, they are more than welcome to, its simply not included in our program