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16U ASB Ingram

Spring/Summer 2019

    16U ASB Ingram News


    16U ASB Ingram Announcements

    The uniform ordering will be through Wilson store set up for our club. You will order and your items will be shipped straight to you.

    All items except Hats & Socks will come go through the wilson store. I will send a link for seperate sizing for hats & sannies/stirrups. I would like to start our payments on January 15th and split it into 5 payments and have all money in by May 15th. We will need to pay more up front to secure spots in tournaments, so the first payment may be a little more than 1/5th. Here is the registration link, please fill out ASAP. Also we will use the sportengine app for communication, so go to the second link to read about setting it up. I will then send out the hat/socks sizing link.

    Registration Link:

    Information Link for sportengine app for communication:

    Do not buy anything from the Wilson store yet. I need to set up our team once all registrations are in.

    Hat & Sock sizing:
    you will have to enter sizing for sleeves, but you will not receive sleeves.: there is no cost in this, it will be added into your team fees:

    I will also start loading the schedule to our team webpage and post announcements on there. It is vital to download the app and turn your message settings on and as I load the schedule on the website, it will populate in your app once you have registered and I roster you to the team.

    Ginger Russell will post travel info on here as she gets it, such as hotel info and all that goes with the non baseball side of the travel.

    Hotel/Travel Info

    16U ASB Ingram Tournament Schedule

    Event Date(s) Event Description Location Time/Notes
    May 21 Practice JPII 8 PM
    May 25-27 Texas DFW Warm-up Warm-up- Vtool Melissa ?? If enough Players Available
    June 4th Practice JPII 8 PM
    June 6-9 Texas DFW Regional Qualifier- Vtool Melissa
    June 11 Practice JPII 8 PM
    June 13-16 Vtool SHSU SHSU/Tomball
    June 18 Practice JPII 8 PM
    June 20-23 VTool The Show DFW
    June 25 Practice JPII 8 PM
    June 28-July 3 WWBA- Perfect Game DFW
    July 4 Practice Atlanta Ga. Time TBA based on arrival
    July 5-12 WWBA- Perfect Game Atlanta Ga.
    July 16 Practice JPII 8 PM
    July 21-25 Perfect Game World Series Sanford Fl.
    July 30 Practice JPII 8 PM/ Maybe wait until arrival in OK
    July 31 Practice Oklahoma TBA on arrival time
    August 1-4 16U Blue Chip World Series Vtool OU