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Information /Directions

1. Drop off player.
2. Go to designated area (A,B,C…).
3. Wait for a coach to direct you.
4. Be aware of your distancing.
5. We will group you and take you
to your beginning drill station.
6. In case of inclement weather-
I will post update on website as
early as possible.
7. Bring water or something to drink.
8. Wash hands & use sanitizer.
  • Groups of 4 or less.
  • Station 1, 2 & 3 will be one team & station 4, 5 & 6 will be the other team. You will rotate through those stations  and then switch once each team has finished their 3 stations.
  • Stations 1-3 focus on hitting & defense fundamentals
  • Stations 4-6 focus on pitching/throwing and or catching work. We will add base running instead of outfield on particular days, and add flush out and arm care instead of long toss on particular days.

**The driveway into the parking lot will be blocked off. The players will use the parking spaces for their equipment. The parking spaces are 9 foot wide and 17 foot long, so 2 players per space.

The alphabet letter beside your team name corresponds to where you will put your equipment. (See front parking lot of photo)

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Teams

A= 10U Woytek-11 am
B= 12U Cherry- 11 am
C= 11U Clemens- 1 pm
D= 11U Holman- 1 pm
E= 12U Fiveash- 3 pm
F= 13U Ingram- 3 pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Teams

A= 13U Laurin- 11 am
B= 14U Gaffney- 11 am
C= 13U McDaniel- 1 pm
D= 13U Jordan- 1 pm